I am a Waste-Eater.

photo from Wikipedia.com

The other day my husband told me I was like fungus.  I know, not a compliment you hear everyday.  To perhaps some people’s surprise, I was not offended.  On the contrary, I was quite pleased to be compared to such an important part of our ecosystem.  Just check out Wikipedia and you may get as excited as I am about fungi.

I simply replied, “I am a waste eater.”  And I believe I am.  I am taking what some may construe as useless, hopeless, garbage, recycle bin stuff, and making it into something entirely new and functional.

I want to show the world that you don’t have to replace something old with something new every few years.  And, I want to show the world that by simply opening one’s mind to a little bit of creative thinking can open your life to endless possibilities.  Trust me, it makes shopping so much less dreadful.

Let’s all start treating our “stuff” as we would like to be treated.  I don’t just have one skill or one function.  When I get a little tear in my skin I don’t expect to be tossed out as junk.  My wound will be cleaned and bandaged up so I can face another day.

So, in closing, like all of the fungus among us I will take your trash, I will process it, and then I will re-introduce it into the environment so that it may be consumed once again. And, hopefully, again and again.

I have decided that “I am a Waste Eater!” is going to be part of my regular save the environment ranting and raving.  If you are a proud WASTE EATER like me!  then, highlight the code below and paste the button on your website or blog!  Let’s keep pushing for an upcycled future!

Copy the code below:

<a href=”http://upcycledunlimited.com/”><img alt=”upcycledunlimited” src=”http://www.upcycledunlimited.com/iamawasteeater.jpg&#8221; /></a>


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