How to Reuse an Old Comforter to Make a Doggie Sleeping Bag.

So, just a few weeks ago I made my pretty pup Neko a cute pink doggie jacket from an old zipper jacket of mine. This week I am getting ready to take an extended camping trip with my husband and want to make sure that Neko has a warm place to sleep. Lucky for me I had an old comforter laying around that needed to by upcycled! So, I took some scissors, a sewing machine, a few buttons and Wha-La! It will take a few tries, but I think Neko will get used to it.

Here’s How to Reuse an Old Comforter to Make a Doggie Sleeping Bag:

1. Cut the comforter to width of your dog’s bed, with a little more than twice the length. You want to be able to fold the sleeping bag over the dog, leaving a little room for a flap to close at night (for extra coziness and warmth).

2. Cut out about 1 inch of the stuffing from any of the open edges of the comforter.

3. Fold both sides of the fabric towards the inside of itself and pin shut.

4. Sew the edges along the pins.

5. Fold your doggie sleeping bag in half, with about a 6 inch flap sticking over on one side, and sew it closed. Leave the side with the extra flap unsewn.

6. Add a few buttons and button holes and you are finished!

7. Give your dog a bone and see how he/she likes his/her new sleeping bag.


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