Ten ways to Reuse a 2 Liter Bottle.

Plastic Bottle Elephant! courtesy of http://declubz.com/

Here are a few plastic bottle statistics via Earth911.com:

  • About 80% of the plastic bottles that are bought in the United States go UNrecycled and end up in our landfills.
    • When just one plastic bottle is recycled enough energy is conserved to light a 60-wat light bulb.
    • Making a plastic bottle from recycled materials uses 2/3 less energy than when it is made from new material.

    So, on those notes, here are TEN ways to Reuse a 2-Liter Bottle:

    Give your good dog a treat. My dog’s tale goes crazy when she sees that I have just cleaned out a new 2-liter bottle.  It is entertainment for all when she tries to put the whole bottle in her mouth and carry it around.

    No gym membership needed here. Just take two 2-liter bottles and fill them with water and you get a new cheap weight set.

    Use less water. Fill an empty 2-liter bottle with water.  Flush your toilet and place the bottle in the back of the toilet.  Now, every time you flush the toilet you will be using about 2 liters less water!  Now, just imagine if EVERYONE did that.  What a difference a small change can make.

    Homemade Ice Pack. Fill the 2 liter bottle with water and stick it in the freezer.  The next time you go camping or on a picnic, stick the “ice pack” in your cooler and no need to buy ice or worry about a cooler full of water at the end of the day.

    This video is full of some great ideas. Check out the tip on turning a 2-Liter bottle into a tripod for your camera!

    MarthaStewart.com has an easy to follow tutorial on making a Piggy Bank from and old soda bottle.

    Hold on to those Plastic Bags. Cut off the top and bottom of a bottle.  Turn the bottle upside down and mount it to the wall.  Stuff it full of plastic bags and keep them organized and easy to grab.

    Feed the Birds. I found an easy tutorial on making a bird feeder from an old 2 liter bottle. Check it out HERE.

    Plant some Flowers. The bottoms of 2-liter bottles make excellent flower pots.  Just cut off the top, decorate the bottom and plant your flowers!

    And, last but not least, if you aren’t feeling creative, at least recycle the darn thing.  Encourage your family and friends to do the same.  Future generations say Thanks!


    5 thoughts on “Ten ways to Reuse a 2 Liter Bottle.

    1. When I was a kid my mom made terrariums and whirlpool bottles with us out of old 2 liters. Just take 2 bottle cleaned and labeles removed. Then fill one with colored water (food coloring) and tape the other very securely on neck to neck with duck tape. Then you can invert the bottle, swirl it to form a whirlpool and watch the water fill the other bottle as an easy entertainment for kids. The terrarium is a little harder, but I’m sure you can find a tutorial somewhere. We used the bottom half for water and the top for soil, plants, and insects. It was totally self sustaining!


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