How to Turn an Old Tshirt into a New Tank Top.

Does anyone else out there suffer from armpit stains?  Well, you are not alone.  I have always been a “sweaty, stinky girl” as my mother likes to say.  It is totally true.  But, hey, I wear deodorant, so the stink part stays in check pretty well.  The sweat part is where the armpit stains come in.  I am tired of losing my favorite shirts just when I have worn them in to the most comfortable stage because of some stupid stain.  No more!  Now, I take those old nostalgic and comfy tees and turn them into tank tops.  You can too!  If you have an old tshirt and want a new tank top, check out this tutorial.

1.  Pick a shirt with some pretty harsh stains.  This shirt is about 10 years old.  I bought it in Jerez, Spain when I was studying abroad in college.  As you can probably guess there are many memories attached to the shirt.  But, as you can also see there are some nasty stains attached to the armpits!  So, on with the tank top making!

2.  Cut out those armpit stains!

3.  Cut straight across the top of the tshirt just below the collar.

4.  Carefully remove the bottom hem from the shirt.  It is easier to see the hem if you turn your shirt inside out.  I say carefully remove because it will be used to tie your new tank top.

5.  Shape the arm holes into a curve.

6.  Turn your shirt inside out.  Place your new tie at the top.  Fold the top edge of the shirt so that it is just over the tie.  Sew across the edge of your shirt.  Be careful, don’t get your tie stuck and sewn to the shirt.  It has to be able to move like a drawstring.

7.  Turn your shirt inside out and try it on!

And there’s your new tank top; just in time for summer.  Happy Summer Solstice!


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