How to have an Eco Friendly Father’s Day Celebration.

I love my Dad. I would not be in the perfect place I am right now if not for his never ending love and support. Thanks Dad! And thanks to all the Dad’s out there taking care of their families.

Here are a few ideas for How to have an Eco Friendly Father’s Day Celebration:

Plant a seed, plant a tree. Plant a tree together this weekend!  Then it can always be your tree.

Make a Card. This seems like an easy one to throw in the mix, but sometimes it gets forgotten. Getting a hand made card with a nice note of thanks and appreciation inside is the perfect eco-friendly gift.

Make him a Wallet. I have found some great tutorials on making your own wallet.  The best are, the Duct Tape wallet, for the handyman Dad, the Recycled Suit Wallet, for the 9 to 5 Dad, and RePlayGround has a super cool tutorial on turning an old Oxford shirt cuff into a wallet.

The power of the sun. Give your Dad the sun for Father’s Day!  Well, let him use it to tell the time day to day with a solar powered watch.

Go Catch and Release Fishing. If you have an fish friendly body of water near by lucky you!  Take a walk with the old man and waste the wonderful day watching the water and seeing if you can get any fish to bite. I have always been a fan of catch and release fishing myself.  The fun part is catching the fish and it always feels nice to watch it swim away back into the wild.

Farmer’s Market Breakfast in Bed. Make your Dad his favorite breakfast and let him stay in his pajamas while he enjoys it.

Baseball Fan, anyone? There are some great upcycled cuff links for Dads made from old stadium seats.  Here’s the link.

For the always Prepared Dad. This is a super cool creative reuse do it yourself Dad gift.  Make him a pocket sized first aid so you will always know he’s safe where ever he goes.

Most of all, just take the time to tell him how much he means to you.  I hope my papa knows how much I appreciate all he has done for me.


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