Name that T-shirt. Get a Free Shirt.

So, most of my designs are inspired by the awesome people in my life.  There’s the one named after my husband, a coffee addict, the shirt for my awesome brother, and an homage to a movie that is part of my childhood nostalgic memories inspired by one of my best friends.

So, what’s a girl to do when she makes a new upcycled tshirt out of the blue?  I have this cool new shirt design and no one to name it after.  I am sendnig a call out to all you folks out there to help me name this shirt.

If you know someone or are someone you believe this shirt is made for, then tell me and perhaps the shirt will carry your name.

The Rules:

1.  Leave a comment with the name of the person you think the shirt should be named after and the reason.

I am inclined to name the shirt after a person who likes to run and has seen a great deal of zombie movies.  I will tell you right now a photo of someone with proof that they love both running and zombie movies will certainly help your cause (send that via email to info (at) OR a link to the image so everyone can see it!).

I will send the winner a FREE T-SHIRT with this new design (:

Contact me (look up and you will see a tab that says “Contact”) if you have any questions.

Can’t wait to name the new shirt!



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