How to Make a Shirt on the Run.

So, last week I posted a tutorial on How to Reuse Material to Screenprint a Tshirt. This week I would like to show a faster alternative for those days, nights, parties, etc. when you need a shirt on the run.

My friend and I ran a half marathon together and wanted some awesome shirts to wear for the occasion. Since it was a special event and I knew that I would only be making two of them, I went the quick and dirty route this time.

Here’s How to Paint a Tshirt to Make it Your Own!

1. Pick a tshirt.
2. Get yourself some fabric ink, a stencil, a rag, and a paint brush. Make sure your paint brush is thin enough to go through the stencil.

3. Decide on what you want your shirt to say.
4. Place something in the middle of your shirt so that you are not painting both sides of it!

5. Tape your shirt in place. Pull it to get out all of the wrinkles and then tape to the table.

6. Use your stencil as a guide for your letters and paint away. Use the rag to wipe the stencil after each letter is painted to avoid getting unwanted paint on your shirt.

And there you have it. This works well when you are only making one or two shirts. I would suggest making a screen when you want to make a bunch of shirts. It’ll save you time in the long run.


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