My new Twitter friend, BPGlobalPR

The news of the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill seems to get worse and worse everyday. I was extremely taken aback when I was watched this video.

How does a country/company that is so technologically advanced not improve their disaster relief in 30 years? It is terrifying how identical the clean up tactics are.

In light of all the terrible news, my brother shared some humor with me by the way of BPGlobalPR. I am a really big fan of using humor to shed light on serious situations and whoever is the author of these twitter posts gets the gold star today!

Some of my favorites include:

I’ve gotta say, at night the gulf really doesn’t look that bad. #bpcares

We are very upset that Operation: Top Kill has failed. We are running out of cool names for these things.

If you’ve ever wanted to take a dump in the ocean, now is your chance. #whynot? #bpcares

Just woke up from a terrible nightmare. I was driving a Prius and I kissed my wife on the lips. #bpcares

I think you get the point.

It is a true wake up call that people you never meet can really f*ck up your situation.

I hope the humor helps.

If you are looking to help out by donating time or money to help clean up the oil spill, check out for more information.


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