How to Reuse Silk Ties to Make a Neck Warmer.

I know, it’s supposed to be summer, why am I making neck warmers? Because it is STILL COLD in the BAY AREA! I know, I can’t believe it either. It is raining today, which is pretty odd ball if you ask me. But, hey, such is life. And, a little rain never hurt anyone. The garden in the back yard is loving it – let’s just hope the warm sun comes out tomorrow to do it’s part in the growing a garden cycle.

So, seeing as it is still super chilly at night around here (I wore a pea coat to dinner last night!) I have decided to give making a neck warmer/scarf sort of thing a try. Bonus to this item, you can switch it up when it finally gets warm and use it as a headband!

Here’s How to Reuse Silk Ties to Make a Neck Warmer:

1. Take two ties and place them big end to big end. Cover one tie with the other and sew across the top.

2. Cut one of the ties so that only about 6-8 inches of it is left.

3. Cut out some of the inside of the tie you just cut. Fold the ends so they fit inside the tie and sew it closed. Yay for creating a nice seam!

4. Take a third tie and place it one top of the middle tie (the one you just cut) and sew along the top and sides.

5. Take the two smaller ends of your long ties, cut out the insides, fold them in on themselves and sew seams (like you did in step number 3.)




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