Top Ten List: How to Reuse Expired Credit Cards.

The advise I have always followed when getting rid of an expired credit card was to cut it up into itty bitty pieces and throw half of it away one week and the other half of it away the next week. This is to avoid identity theft and such. But, I thought that this time around I would find fun and creative projects and uses for my old expired credit card.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Replace a lost collar stay in a dress t-shirt.
  • gives a great tutorial on how to turn a bunch of old credit cards into a mosaic picture frame.

  • Make a guitar pick.
  • Mark your books.  Credit cards make super simple bookmarks that won’t fall apart on you quickly like some of the paper ones sometimes do.  And, if you get the itch, you can decorate them (:
  • Use it as your “razor” when you use a cream based hair removal like, Nair. They usually provide a sponge in the box, but a credit card seems to work much better.
  • Use them to mark your flowers and veggies in the garden.

(photo provided by

  • Make jewelry!  I love that a site called has a post about credit card jewelry.  Here is my favorite from their post.

There are some great credit card jewelers out there.

Prized Possessions / Camila Blue Edith M Designs

  • Credit cards make excellent shoe horns!
  • Make a small Magnetic Flower Box.  So cute!  Thanks

  • Make art!  I am such a fan of reusing material for artmaking as opposed to buying new.  Everything starts to look like art because everything becomes a potential material.  It puts a new perspective on what materials can be used to make art (:

Last summer, the Graphic Design Museum in Breda, Netherlands had an exhibition entitled Credit on Color.  There was a large scale work of art made soley from credit cards.  My favorite piece of credit card art that I have discovered so far.

And, last but not least, I am a bit weirded out and totally intrigued by these Rat Pins made out of credit cards.

Check out the artist, Maureen Duffy, and her shop on etsy HERE.

I am sure there are many more creative reuses for a credit card.  If you have any, leave a comment.  I would love to read any new ideas for upcycling, recycling and reusing expired credit cards.


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