Thanks Verizon Wireless for taking a step in the right direction.

So, I have joined the many folks that own a DROID.  Thanks to Hill and Usher for providing the phone for some future community art projects I have planned with my collaborative partner down at Art is Moving!

When I opened my box I found a prepaid envelope asking me to recycle my old phone.  I was so happily surprised.  What an awesome way to catch people while they are in the mind set of changing phones!  Not only will Verizon recycle your old phone for you, they created a program called HopeLine that donates to non-profit organizations that focus on domestic violence awareness and prevention.

In Verizon’s words:

HopeLine® collects wireless phones and accessories from any wireless service provider and refurbishes or recycles them in an environmentally friendly way. Since October 2001 when Verizon Wireless launched its national recycling program, HopeLine has collected more than 7 million phones; properly disposed of nearly 1.6 million phones in an environmentally sound way; refurbished the remaining units, funding more than $7.9 million in cash grants for domestic violence organizations; and distributed more than 90,000 HopeLine phones with the equivalent of more than 300 million minutes of service.


And, you can send wireless phones from any company, they don’t have to be from Verizon. They even have a pre-paid label you can download from their website HERE. You can also bring in your old phones to any Verizon Store.

Thanks for thinking of the environment and social justice all at the same time Verizon!


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