How to Reuse Playing Cards to Make a Bracelet.

Playing cards are becoming a versatile material in my house these days. I just finished turning two cards into an arm cuff/bracelet sort of thing. The cards are awesome on their own with their lovely flower bouquets and lavender and blue color. But, they are even cooler sewn together to make a unique upcycled bracelet.

Make your own!

How to Reuse Playing Cards to Make a Bracelet:

1. You will need two playing cards, three buttons, some thread and a needle.

2. Place the cards next to each other short side to short side. One playing card with the card showing, the other with the back side showing.
3. Sew the cards together.

Make sure to secure the threading by tying the end in a double knot.

4. Starting from the back side of your bracelet sew a big button to the far end (opposite the threaded side) of one of the cards.

After going through the button holes a few times, secure the button by pushing the needle underneath the thread (on the back side). A loop will be created; Put the needle through the loop two or three times and then pull tight! You will have a knot and a secure button.

5. Sew a smaller button on the other card. Make your last time through a hole a time when the needle comes through the top side of the card. Cut the needle out of the thread; leave some extra thread! Tie the two pieces of thread in a knot a couple of times to secure your small button to the bracelet.

6. Thread the remaining thread through a button and tie the button to the end of the thread.


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