How to Reuse a Silk Tie to make a Bracelet.

I had a bit of a silk tie left after using part of it as a handle for a Don’t Forget Door Hanger. I love the colors and patterns on it and thought it would make a great bracelet.  Plus, I’d like to expand my knowledge of jewelry making.  I had a great deal of fun with this because I love jewelry and I love buttons!

Here’s How to Reuse a Silk Tie to Make a Bracelet:

1.  Measure your wrist with a flexible tape measure.  Place it around your wrist the way you would like your bracelet to fit (tight vs. loose) and see how long your tie needs to be.

2.  Cut your silk tie to your desired length.

3.  Silk ties have guts!  Cut out the fabric that is placed in the middle of the silk tie (about the top 1/4 inch).

4.  Fold the edge of tie where you just removed the guts and sew your edge shut.

5.  Make a button hole!  I have never used my button hole maker on my sewing machine and wanted to give it a try.  I love it!  Much faster than sewing my own button holes!

6.  Sew your buttons and whatnots on to your new bracelet!


1.  Thread a needle.  Tie a double or triple knot at the end.

2.  Start from the back side of your fabric (the part that is less likely to be seen) and push your needle through; place needle through one of the holes in the button.

3.  Cross over and place your needle through another hole in the button.

4.  Repeat this process one more full cycle.

5.  One the back side of you fabric thread the needle beneath some of the thread.

6.  This will create a loop; thread your needle through the loop two times and then pull tight.

7.  Cut off any excess thread.

See, almost as easy as eating pie.  yum.

If you HAVE to have this bracelet (and I completely understand if you do) check it out in the shop HERE.


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