How to Make an Upcycled Bench.

I have to give all the credit for this post to my husband.  This past weekend he took what looked to be scraps of stuff and made it into an adorable upcycled bench for our backyard.  I am so proud of his upcycling skills!

I love it!  It adds a bit of sweetness to the backyard.  The plan is to read under the big tree it is set in front of.

As you can see he used two old decorative bricks as the “legs” of the bench and nailed the scrap wood together to make a seat!

I wanted to share some other awesome upcycled benches that I have found on the web.

photo from

  • And the most CREATIVE one, a bench made from NAILS! It actually looks comfortable too!  Thanks (I can’t find the designer’s name anywhere on the site)

photo from

What other materials can be used to make an upcyled bench?  With upcycling the possibilities are endless!

HAPPY EARTH DAY!  Make everyday a day to celebrate this amazing place (:


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