Quick Tip: Go Paperless!

A really easy way to save a bunch of trees and energy is to make all of your bills paperless. Most companies will give you the option of having an online account where you pay your bills.  I like to set up automatic payments so that I know my bills will be paid on time.

Going paperless isn’t just about the individual, many companies are beginning to understand the benefits both environmentally and monetarily with going paperless.  Several of my father’s employees thought he was nuts when he decided to go paperless about 5 years ago.  He is in the insurance business and the old school method is to have a paper file you can flip through when someone calls you on the phone to discuss their coverage and options.  Dad said, “Can’t we do the same thing on the computer?” And what you know, you can.  Saving about $10,000 a year to boot.

So, practice random acts of paperlessness at home and at work!


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