How to Reuse an Old Tshirt to Make a Baby Bib.

I don’t have any babies yet (except my dear pups Neko), but I do know a lot of people who do.  This is a really fun way to reuse and upcycle your old worn down tshirts.

Here’s How to Reuse an Old Tshirt to Make a Baby Bib:

1.  Pick out a fun tshirt.

2.  Iron it.

3.  Cut out (starting at the collar) a bib shape.  Make sure you cut both the front and the back of your tshirt.

4.  Turn your shirt wrong side out.

5.  Sew the sides and bottom of the bib.  Leave a bit of fabric unsewn at the top of both sides (by the collar).

6.  Grab the bottom of the bib through the collar (that you have not sewn yet) and turn your bib right side out.

7.  Cut the back side of the tshirt away from the collar.

8.  Fold the extra fabric in towards the wrong side of your fabric.  Iron it to keep it folded down.  Sew the top of your bib.

9.  Cut your collar at the half way point.  Either just tie this around your baby’s neck or attach some velcro with a hot glue gun.

There you have it.  A bib that is easy to make, fun, and unique!

The next time you clean out your tshirt drawer make some upcycled baby bibs!


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