Fantastic Finds Friday!

I am always on the hunt for new websites, blogs, communities, projects, etc. that have to do with the upcycling phenomenom.  This week our lovely Internet taught me how to reuse a stamp, help Haiti, and garden like a guerrilla!

Tutorials/Creative Reuse Ideas

  • Apparently you can make a boombox out of anything! Blankanvas shows us one from recycled candy wrappers.  Cute AND it works!

For the Greater Good

The Environment

  • I can never seem to get enough of Guerrilla Gardening.  Found out from that there is a vending machine that spits out seeds now that has been added to the cause.



  • FarmGal seems to be the place to be for any tips and guides for canning fruits and vegetables.


I know there is so much more out there that was left undiscovered, but there is only so much time a girl can spend on the web.

Add any finds from this week that I missed and you think I would like.



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