10 New Uses for a Shower Curtain.

I was surprised at how many ideas I came up with when I sat down to jot notes on ways to reuse an old shower curtain.  I cannot take credit for all of these ideas and want to extend a thank you to Reader’s Digest, wikihow.com, and PlanetGreen.com for providing some wonderful tips and ideas on How to Reuse a Shower Curtain.

1.  Keep a shower curtain in your car and use it anytime you want to sit on the ground for a picnic, concert, star gazing, etc.

2.  Make a pancho!  Fold the shower curtain in half and cut a semi circle out in the center.  Keep it in your camping gear or your car for unexpected rains.

3.  Protect your goods.  Put the shower curtain under a high chair when the baby’s eating, use it as a drop cloth when you paint the walls, put it on the kitchen table for arts and crafts day.

4.  Homemade Slip n’ Slide.  Give the kids a fun summer afternoon with the shower curtain and water hose.

5.  Go Fly a Kite.  Cut a diamond shape from your shower curtain.  Glue to sticks in a cross shape to one side of the diamond.  Tie a string to the bottom of the diamond.

6.  Use it on your next camping trip.  You can use an old shower curtain as a tarp to create shade during a sunny day or under your tent to protect it.

7.  Protect your cabinets.  Line your cabinets with your shower curtain; when they need a cleaning, wipe it down with a sponge.

8.  Garden goodness.  Use the shower curtain as a liner in your garden.  Put it over the dirt and under the mulch to prevent weeds from sprouting.

9.  Make a rain coat for your outdoor furniture.  Cover your BBQ and patio furniture with a shower curtain during the rainy months to keep them nice and dry.

10.  Take it on a picnic.  You can turn a shower curtain into an easy to clean and reuseable outdoor picnic table cloth.


7 thoughts on “10 New Uses for a Shower Curtain.

  1. We take our old clear vinyl shower curtain, clean it up, and tightly staple it a piece of plywood. Our son uses it as an outdoor drawing board. It’s basically a big dry erase board and works great with markers.


  2. My favrorites

    I needed a hothouse to acclimate seedlings, but needed it larger than the mini ones available at the garden stores. I turned a picnic table upside down and stapled a shower curtain over the legs snd sides and had great success.

    I live in an apartment where my unit faces north, and gets no sunshine year round. I got dollar store matching shower curtains that were translucent, but not transparent that worked every bit as well as fabric curtains.


    1. Hi Wanda!

      Thanks so much for sharing your creative reuse of a shower curtain! I love it and know my readers will too. Good luck with your shower curtain dry erase board idea too.



  3. PS: I’m going to use the dry-erase idea in a slightly different manner. I need a large dry erase billboard for working problems through right now. I am going to staple gun a white shower curtain to an unused wall and start my flow charts,

    Thanks for the idea.


  4. What Great ideas. Shelf liners is ingenious..Thank You.. I cut mine up into long strips, about a ft wide, for the dining room table for cookouts and a place to keep food bowls ABCs peoples glass as to not damage the wood.


  5. Use a fabric shower curtain for your patio curtain. You may use some weights in the bottom hem to reduce wind blowing. My idea.


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