How to Reuse a Placemat to Make a Purse.

Spring is a great time of year to de-clutter.  Just, take a look around your lovely abode and find all that stuff you never use.  If you find any placemats that haven’t seen the light of day, then change them into an upcycled purse!

How to Reuse a Placemat to Make a Purse:

1.  First, I want to add a pocket to the inside of the purse.  So, cut out your preferred fabric and iron it.  Pick two opposite sides of the fabric and fold them about 1/2 inch to create a crease at the top.  Iron the crease to make it stay.

2.  Fold the fabric in half so that the correct side is touching the correct side.

3. Sew each side of the pocket together.

4.  Fold your pocket inside out so the correct side is now showing.

5.  Attach the pocket to the purse.  I make the fold the top of my pocket.

6.  Attach the handle to the purse.  I found a really cute child’s belt that I think matches perfectly!  Make a square and then an X inside of that square to make the handle extra secure.

7.  Fold your placemat in half.  Sew the sides together.

8.  Add buttons and other decorations as you wish.

9.  To help keep the purse closed when it is full I add magnets to the inside.  First, cut out small squares (large enough to cover your magnets) and fold and iron each side.

10.  Using a hot glue gun attach the magnets to each side of the purse.  ***Make sure that the sides of the magnets that will stick to each other are facing each other when you glue them to the purse.

11.  Sew the squares at the crease and then glue them over the magnets.


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