How To Reuse Jeans to Make a Purse.

I love a good pair of jeans.  Sometimes it is time to say good-bye and move on.  I got this pair of jeans at my local Goodwill Store for $1 so I could show you how to reuse a pair of jeans to make a purse.  This is one of my favorite things to make.  It is pretty straightforward and you know your purse is being made with sturdy fabric.

How to Reuse Jeans to Make a Purse:

1.  Cut the legs away from the top of the jeans about two inches down from the back pockets.

2.  Flip the jeans inside out and sew the bottom seam.

3.  Make your handles for your purse.  I chose to use silk ties for this one.  I want one side to show and the other to be hidden.  So, I have to sew the hidden side to the bag before I sew the lining.

4.  Create your lining.  You will want your lining to be the same size and shape as your outside purse.  First, fold and sew the top edge of your lining so you have a nice crease at the top (this will show at the top of your purse)  Sew the sides and bottom of your purse.  Leave the lining with the wrong side out.  This is how you will place it into your purse.

5.  Attach the lining.

6.  Sew the other side of your handle.

And there you go!  I love turning an old pair of jeans into a brand new purse.  You have automatic pockets and denim is one of the sturdiest materials to reuse for a purse, so it will last you a while.  Have fun!


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