How to Reuse Playing Cards to Make a Purse.

This tutorial has been a long and drawn out process, but it is finally here.  After several miserable failures I have made my own version of a playing card purse!  It is not that functional, but it sure is cute!  I think it will go great by my front door as a mail bag (:

Ok, so here’s a tutorial so you can make your very own Playing Card Purse:

1.  You will need 23 cards.  Split them up into 2, 2, 3, 8 and 8.  The 2’s will be the sides, the 3 the bottom and the 8’s the main faces.

2.  Find a plastic that needs to be reused.  My plastic came from my husband’s old transparencies.  Those don’t get used for presentations anymore (:  Using modge podge sandwich and glue your playing cards in between two plastic sheets.

Ok, now you have to let these puppies dry.  For me, it took about 3 days.

3.  When the glue dries cut the excess plastic away so you have sort of laminated and sturdy cards.

4.  Cut out your desired handle hole.

5.  Poke holes around your purse where ever it will need to be threaded.  So, everywhere except the top of the purse.  I chose which cards where going to be attached to which, stacked them correct side to correct side and poked holes through both of them at the same time (it makes threading easier.)

6.  Thread the purse together!  Make sure to ties knots at all the ends to add extra support.

7.  Take your new digs out for a spin!!!


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