How to Reuse an Old Sweater to Make Fingerless Gloves

I love sweaters and have a hard time saying good-bye to them after several years of winter use.  I have found a super simple way to extend the life of some of my favorite sweaters.

This is a quick and easy way to use the sleeves on an old sweater to make yourself some short fingerless gloves.

1.  Cut the sleeves from the sweater.  (about half down from the shoulder)

2.  Fold the cut side in towards the inside of the sleeve.  Sew it to create a folded crease/hem.

3.  Put your fingerless glove on to see wear your thumb and index finger are placed.  Mark by memory, other fingers, whatever, that space between your thumb and index finger; sew that space from the top down about an inch.

4.  Decorate your new glove!

5.  Repeat with other sleeve.


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