Creative REuse Artist: Royal Redneck

I relate to the artist behind Royal Redneck in the sense that all of her is connected to reusing.  Her daily life seems to constantly influence the work she makes.  She goes from a reusable bag with a hand drawing to a heart shaped pot holder.  All her work is made with the intention of saving a person money and material.  I also love that she uses the space in her shop that is usually a self-promotion space to promote her favorite causes.
1.  Tell us your story…How did you get to where you are now as an artist?
Being crafty was just always a part of life in my family. We would make things out of old cardboard boxes or papermache. My Mom taught me how to knit early on. To me it is just a way of life to make things instead of buying them. Plus when I was growing up, recycling wasn’t just an option, it was something everybody did without thinking about it. Then I decided to become a dressmaker which opened a whole lot of new doors. I did lots and lots of alterations and a few gifts but never seriously considered to make a living out of my art. But then I met my husband and he was just in awe about what I can do with a set of needles and a ball of yarn and always encouraged me to do something creative and for myself.

2.  Why do you reuse material? How do you come up with ideas for creative reuse?
I try to use something recycled in all my creations. Everything I look at something I try to figure out how to repurpose it without it being to obvious. That is my inspiration too. I see something and think: How can I improve this, make it green, reusable or at least last longer. Like clothnapkins, reusable shopping bags or crochet dishscrubbies. Sometimes I see something old and just want to give it a modern spin.

3.  What advice do you have for anyone interested in creatively reusing something?
You have to make sure it is safe and clean. I only use things that I can wash or clean with hot water. Under no circumstances do you want your customers to get hurt. If you think it is safe for your family you are probably of to a good start.
4.  What inspires your work?
Trying to be green in my everyday life. I want to make things from recyled fabric, plastic, paper, cardboard, clothes…..whatever I can get my hands on instead of buying new. Or to make things that will last a long time so there is less need to replace them. Making reusable things so you dont need to buy new things or throw things away after using them once. I am big thift store junkie.

5.  Where do you want to be in 5 years as an artist?
Honestly, I would like to be in a position where I can make a living with my creativity. I want to learn and master new skills so I never get bored with what I do and my customers always find something new. I hope to be moving along and not be stuck doing the same thing for the next 10 years.  I want to use my shop as a possiblity to make a difference.

Since I dont have the financial means like a lot of you do in this economy I was hoping this might help. For all of you thinking the same way about being stuck. Here is a easy and quick way to help:

Royal Redneck’s Shop:

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