How to Reuse Silk Ties to Make a Water Bottle Holder.

I’m a big fan of buying a reusable water bottle to take with you where ever you go.  I wanted to create a carrier for my water bottle so I can carry it with any bag I happen to be using on a particular day.  A couple of weeks ago my mother-in-law sent me a box full of stuff to reuse!  I was so excited and got the idea to use silk ties to make a water bottle holder.

So, here’s my version of How to Reuse Silk Ties to Make a Water Bottle Holder:

1.  Lay your water bottle down on your choice of ties to see where the top of the bottle ends up of your tie.  You’ll want to sew about an inch below that spot for each tie you attach.

2.  Sew your ties together by laying them right side to right side and sewing along the side.  Continue adding ties until they completely wrap your water bottle.

3.  Fold your ties in half (long way) and sew the bottom of your ties together .

4.  Choose the two ties you would like to use as your handle; cut them to your desired length.

5.  Cut the remaining ties 1/2 inch above the point you stopped sewing.  Fold that 1/2 inch down and sew it.  Flip your bag so that the right side is now on the outside.

6.  Choose some fabric for your lining; iron it.

7.  Measure your “tie bag,” double it, and add 1/2 inch.  That will be the width you will need for your lining.  Cut the height of your fabric so it is 1/2 inch longer than your “tie bag.”

8.  Fold the top of your lining over and iron it; fold it so that the right side meets the right side.  Sew the bottom and side together.

9.  Place your lining into your tie bag.  Sew it to the tie bag.

10.  Take the ties you chose for your handle and remove 1/2 inch of the inside of the tie.  Fold the fabric into itself and sew it together.

11.  Place velcro on each handle.

Now you have a reusable bag to go with your reusable water bottle!


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