How to turn a Potholder into a Wallet.

So, I was shopping at my local Goodwill store and I happened to randomly discover a cute potholder buried in the dollar bin.  What I love about going to the thrift store is that I am already in the creative use zone and looking at objects from a new angle.  Wallet was the word that popped into my head when I saw this potholder.  So, here is how I turned it into one!

How to turn a Potholder into a Wallet:

1.  We are going to add a zipper pocket into the middle of your wallet.  To do that, pick out a piece of fabric you want as your pocket.  Cut it in a square the same size as your potholder, then cut that square in half so you have two pieces of fabric.

2.  To attach your pieces of fabric to your zipper, first lay the first piece down so it is next to the zipper and fabric crosses over the zipper (you are sewing the under side of the fabric and will fold it over and iron it).

After you sew it, flip it over, iron it flat and then attach the other side.

3.  Sew the sides of your zippered pocket.

4.  Sew the zippered pocket to the center of your potholder.

5.  Fold your potholder in half and sew the sides together.

6.  Add embellishments!  I added a couple of buttons with some strong thread so I can keep the wallet closed so my cash and cards don’t fall out in my bag (:


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