Creative REuse Artist: Heather Logsdon of Heathered

You will realize in a few moments when you start to read her interview, that Heather Logsdon has a good time no matter what she’s doing.  Though I have never met her, by reading her answers to my semi-general and semi-specific questions, I feel as though Ms. Logsdon laughs a great deal, doesn’t take herself too seriously and has found a style all her own, both in life and in work.  I love the idea of an object becoming “heathered.”  I only hope that mine become “Laurened” as that is as genuine as one could hope to be.

Heather’s Interview:

1.  Tell us your story…How did you get to where you are now as an artist?

My name is Heather and I run a little shop called Heathered (as in the color or to have been altered by Heather). I make and sell felt Narwhallets (wallets with narwhals on them), Walwristlets (wristlets with walruses on them), wallets with guitar amps on them, altered cardigans, reusable grocery and record bags, and some other stuff that doesn’t involve puns.
How did I become an artist? Chance and opportunity, mostly. My career choice was Audio Engineer but due to the rapidly changing Music Industry, my abhorrence for working until 3am and having no social life, I now have an unrelated day job so I can make art at night.
I studied music and art in college and my mom taught me how to sew when I was in high school but I’ve always made or altered things. As a little kid, if I had a bunch of broken crayons, I would melt a few together to make a new crayon chunk in an unusual color. OMG chartreuse ponies!!!11!!1

2.  Why do you reuse material?

Al Gore and Sesame Street- pretty simple. And the starving kids in China (or so my mom used to say).
I’ve seen overflowing, unauthorized trash dumps in the Outback and what it does to the surrounding environment. I try to keep as much stuff out of the dumps as possible. I reuse everything I possibly can- broken colanders become hanging flower pots and outdated maps from my backpacking years become perfect materials for my map wallets.

3.  How do you come up with ideas for creative reuse?
Starting a design from scraps forces me to be more creative about the entire project. It’s like staring at clouds and saying “that one looks like an embarrassed giraffe.”

4.  Do you look for specific materials when you go to a reuse it store or come up with ideas when you see materials?  What is your creative process?

I’m always looking for felt, canvas, and handle strap fabric but, using mostly recycled materials, I never know what I’m going to find. I trudge through bins at thrift stores that make me want to submerge myself in a vat of Dial soap just so I can find the perfect hiding scraps. I go to S.C.R.A.P. ( once a month to restock and to peruse the fabric isles. I love finding bolts of flour sack material or pieces of felt that already look like fruit.
Then I take everything home, put it in piles on my living room floor and sketch out designs. I then pair fabrics with strap materials and move the piles, one by one, into my cutting room (aka, my kitchen). My bags just happen to be 2 linoleum floor tiles by 4 linoleum floor tiles- it’s perfect. Then I put them into new piles and move those piles into my sewing area and stack them on the floor, where they stay until have time to sew them. Ideally, I would be able to do this without being distracted but this process usually takes a day or so.
5.  What advice do you have for anyone interested in creatively reusing something?
Street corners are a million times less frustrating than using the Craigslist Free section. If you live in the City, keep a hawk eye out for reusable stuff on the street corners. I don’t know how many discarded canvases I’ve reused into wallets.
Squirrel away those broken bike tires- they make rad belts.
Look at a book, not as a tool for instruction, but as a medium. Ask yourself, “how can I wear this book?”
My favorite book for learning how to sew all of my mystery fabrics is More Fabric Savvy by Sandra Betzina.

6.  What inspires your work?
Music. Food. My bf.

7.  Where do you want to be in 5 years as an artist?

My most feared job interview question… I’d love to have my wallets (in a lot of new designs) carried in a lot more boutique shops. I’d love to have 2 more CDs released and have toured more of the country, selling merch I made myself/with the band.

More from Heathered below:


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