How to make earrings out of playing cards.

I hate when I go to play poker and realize that a card is missing from the deck.  It’s like when you are about the finish a puzzle and you finally notice that there are some pieces missing.  Man that really gets me going. (:  Well, rather than tossing the whole deck of cards out as a loss, add to your super funky and fresh jewelry collection!

How to make earrings out of playing cards:

1.  Pick a pair of cards you like.

2.  Poke eleven holes across the top of each card with a sewing needle.

3.  Thread some heavy duty thread (starting through the back and at one end) over the top of the card.  Only go through the first 5 holes.  Do the same starting on the opposite side.

4.  Loop each piece of thread through your earring holder and back through the center hole.

5.  Tie a knot with both of your strings.  Make a triple knot so it doesn’t go back through the hole.

6.  Repeat this process with the other card!

Have fun wearing crazy fun earrings!

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3 thoughts on “How to make earrings out of playing cards.

    1. Thanks Destiny! I am glad you like them. I have another version of playing card earrings here, if you want two pairs! Click HERE to see the tutorial.


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