How to Reuse CD Cases to Make Magnetic Picture Holders

I am still working through the big box of CDs and CD cases that my husband donated to my reuse it creatively cause.  This week I decided to use up some old photos and show them in a new way!  I had a lot of fun using an old gift bag and some vintage ribbon on the project as well.

So, here’s How to Reuse CD cases to Make a Magnetic Picture Holder:

1.  Using an X-acto knife, cut the edges of the CD case away so that you are left with a square.  Do this to both sides of the case.  Use sandpaper to smooth edges after you have cut your squares.

2.  Pick a background for your picture holder.  Glue your background to one of your new squares.

3. Glue your photo in the center of your background.

4.  Using a hot glue gun, put glue around the outside of your background square.  Quickly place your top square on top and squeeze them together.

5.  Choose some old ribbon or fabric for your outer frame.  Cut out 4 equal length strips.  Glue the strips to the outer edges to frame your photo.

6.  Using hot glue again, glue a magnet to the back side of your new photo frame.

And there you go!  This is a great way to decorate a fridge with your favorite people, places, and things!

Do you have any ideas for reusing CD Cases you want to share?


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