20 Eco-Friendly Ways to say I Love You.

photo courtesy of dryicons.com

Valentineś day is just around the corner and that means that lots of stuff will be for sale. I am a huge fan of chocolate and do not mind that there is a holiday basically celebrating it and encouraging its consumption. However, in an attempt to always remain eco-conscious, I came up with some eco-friendly ways to say I love you to that certain special someone in your life.

20 Eco-Friendly Ways to say I LOVE YOU:

1. Write a message to your loved one on a mirror with a dry erase marker.
2. Design a radio station for your loved one. Visit pandora.com for more details.
3. Send him/her a handmade digital card.
4. Make him/her a heart shaped pillow out of reused materials.
CLICK HERE for a tutorial from belleandburger.
5. Surprise him/her with a picnic.
6. Write him/her a sweet message on the sidewalk with chalk.
7. Put a sweet note in his/her lunch.
8. Use old wine bottles to hold candles and have a candlelit dinner.
9. Change the background of his/her computer to a sweet something.
10. Surprise him/her with breakfast.
11. Make heart shaped cookies.
One recipe HERE.
12. Make a collage of your favorite photos of the two of you.
13. Play a song for him/her on the guitar.
14. Make your own fortune cookie and put a message for your loved one inside.
CLICK HERE for a tutorial on making fortune cookies.
15. Make them a card using old cards.
16. Write a list of all your favorite things about him/her and hide them around the house/car/etc.
17. Make some homemade fudge and put it in a handmade box.
Chocolate fudge recipe HERE.
Handmade Box HERE.
18. Make a bouquet of recycled paper flowers.
How to make origami roses HERE.
19. Name a star after him/her.
Go to start registry site HERE.
20. Make them an origami heart with a note written inside.
Origami heart instructions HERE.


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