Eco-Friendly Super Bowl

So the Super Bowl is coming up this Sunday. Here are a few tips to keeping your party eco-friendly. I think most people will cheer for the “green” team.

Tips for an Eco-Friendly Super Bowl:

Digital Invite.
Instead of sending out a paper invitation, send an online invitation through a site like

Use what you have already.
Instead of purchasing paper plates and plastic wear, use the dishes you have already got. If you only have nice dishes and fear that your friends will trash it, purchase some reusable plastic wear.

Reduce your paper use.
Instead of using napkins and paper towels, use cloth napkins and dish rags.

Drink Locally.
Buy your beer from a local microbrewery. Better yet, make your own! Or, purchase organic beer at your local grocery store.

The more food the better!
if you are in charge of making the snacks and such, buy in bulk. You will save money and have less packaging to deal with.

Make your own decorations.
If you want to put up decorations, use stuff that you already have. Hang up t-shirts, jerseys, blankets, and other souvenirs with your favorite teams on them.

Dim the lights.
Instead of having all of your lights on, try using candles instead.


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