How to make a purse from an old t-shirt

My mom is awesome and is always buying super cute and funny t-shirts.  I love the imagery on them and figured I might as well keep them even when they don’t fit or are falling apart.  One option for an old t-shirt is to make a purse out of it.

Here’s how I took one t-shirt and made a small handbag.

Note:  Everything on the purse comes from one t-shirt (except the thread)

Instructions on How to Make a Purse from an Old T-shirt:

1.  Cut the t-shirt into a rectangle.  (Remove collar and sleeves).

2.  Iron fabric.

3.  Turn the front side of the t-shirt over and line it up with the fabric on the bottom.  Sew the long sides of the rectangle together as well as the top (where the collar used to be).

4.  Turn your fabric correct side out.

5.  Fold the two bottoms in on themselves and sew bottom together.

6.  Fold your rectangle in half.  The fold will be the bottom of your purse.

7.  Remove the collar from the t-shirt.  That will be your handle.

Note:  ***My t-shirt has cuffs around the arm sleeves.  For those of you who have t-shirts that do not have these, no worries.  Use the fabric left over from the sleeves to create a handle or any decoration you would like.***

8.  Sew sleeve caps to sides of purse.  If you don’t have sleeve caps, just sew the sides together.

9.  Add your “collar handle” to the inside of the purse on opposite ends.

Enjoy your new purse!

Find purses like this and other bags made from reused materials at The Print Studio on Etsy.  CLICK HERE.


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