How to Reuse an Old Pillowcase

I recently discovered that old pillowcases make excellent grocery store totes!   If you are in the mood to reuse an old pillowcase keep reading my friend.

How to Reuse an old pillowcase as a grocery tote!

Materials Needed to make it happen:

2 old pillowcases

1 or 2 handles (your choice)



sewing machine *This is not necessary, but will make the task MUCH easier!*

And here we go!

1.  Choose two favorite, but old pillowcases.

2.  Turn the pillowcase that you want on the inside of your bag inside-out.

3.  Iron both the pillowcases so that all the wrinkles are gone.

4.  Take the pillowcase that will be on the outside and sew the handles to the inside.  To make the handle extra strong, sew a square with an X inside it.

***If you are using two handles instead of one, you will want to sew the handles center between the seams.***

5.  Take what’s called the lining (the inside-out pillowcase) and put it inside the other pillowcase.

6.  Line up the edges of both your pillowcase and sew around the top of the bag.

YAY!  Now you have a bag that is sure to carry this week’s groceries.

Do my lovely readers have any ideas for what to do with an old pillowcase?  Let’s hear them!

Comment away…


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